Practice Music
The Open Strings
The Tones of the E string Song of the E string/Pleasant Journey/My First Piece/Dolly's Slumber Song/In Joyous Mood/Evening Song/Going To School/On The Meadow/Pussy At Play/At Play/My First Waltz/Serious Endeavor/The Evening Stroll
The Tones of the A string Birdie's Complaint/The Little Tattler/Pleasant Thoughts/The Beggar Child/A Little Folk-Song/The Merry Party/Mother's Song/Baby's Waltz/Picking Daisies/Pathetic Story/Mid-day Rest/Hilarity
The Tones of the D string Twilight Song/Contentment/A Little Song/In The Swing/Morning Song/Playing Soldiers/Pleasant Journey/At The Fair/The Violet Patch
The Tones of the G string The Little General/The Little Wanderer/A Serious Problem/The Highland Dancers/Passing Clouds/ A Visit To Grandma's/A Popular Song/Watching The Boats/Firm Resolve
Practice Music
C-Major Old Fashioned Dance/The School-Master/The Marquis
A-Minor A Plaintive Song
G-Major A Visit To The Park/The Merrymakers/Barcarolle/The Soldier Boy
E-Minor Autumn Leaves
D-Major Birthday March/The Meadow Lark
B-Minor Autumn Song
A-Major Thanksgiving Party/Farmer's Song
F#-Minor A Spring-time Idyl
F-Major Little Birdie/A Song of Thanks/The May Party
D-Minor The Stubborm Child
Bb-Minor The Little Professor/On the Ponies
G-Minor Good-bye To The Flowers
Eb-Minor Song of Welcome/At The Brook
C-Minor A Ghost Story
Practice Music
C-Major and A-Minor The Little Patriot/At The Cathedral
G-Major and E-Minor The Merry Sunshine/The Singing Class
D-Major and B-Minor The Little Master
A-Major and F#-Minor The Italian Flower Girl/The Serious Story
E-Major and C#-Minor
B-Major and G#-Minor
F#-Major and D#-Minor
F-Major and D-Minor A Day in the Country
Bb-Major and G-Minor The Chase/The Chase
Eb-Major and C-Minor The May Queen/Dramatic Episode
Ab-Major and F-Minor
Db-Major and Bb-Minor
Gb-Major and Eb-Minor
Practice Music
Second Position The Holiday Procession/Dancing on the Green
Third Position The Picnic Party/On the Lake/Romance/Playing School/Grandpa's Dance/The Pathetic Story
Fourth Position
Fifth Position The Village Wedding/Prelude
Sixth Position The Standard Bearer
Seventh Position