Jameasy Plus for violin

World first bluetooth wireless tuner and Smart learning device


We recommend Jameasy to you!

To increase your skills, you have to practice less than 10 minutes a day.
But the day you practice is only a lesson.

Jameasy motivates your practice
- You can practice listening to the accompaniment and get used to the music quickly.
- Even if the sheet is not familiar, you can change the speed and practice easy.
- Game-like practice increases your interest.

Effective practice is possible
- You can see what you can not do and repeat that part.
- You can quickly make corrections by checking the pitch and beat feedback.


What is Jameasy Plus?

Precise analysis of your play regardless of background noise levels.

Noise-roburst Tunning Algorithm

Resistant to ambient noise

Polyphonic Detection Technology

Accurate pitch recognition


Long battery life

30hrs using CR2032

Low latency

Imperceptible delays

  • More Accurate and Easier, Jameasy Plus

    Jameasy Plus is a product that accurately detects the pitch played on the violin with the technology of jameasy Inc. Get better, more accurate feedback of your performance without using an external microphone.
  • Simple Design and Easy to Use

    It is simple and easy to remove and attach to the violin. The durability of the product is excellent and it is firmly fixed without damaging the instrument. Feel the simple and modern design which is one with the violin.
  • Noise-Roburst Detection Technology

    The pitch is analyzed by the vibration of the instrument, not the sound. Even the ambient noise recognizes only the pitches played on real instruments accurately. Get your own feedback with accompaniment or other instruments.
  • Wireless Bluetooth Communication without Delay

    Simply connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The sound processing technology of Jameasy Inc. provides wireless communication without delay. It is a product that has been officially certified by SIG. It has compatibility and guarantees good quality.
  • Battery without Recharging

    CR2032 can be used continuously for more than 30 hours with one battery. Practice for a long time, anywhere without a charger.

This product does not include a tablet PC.

Jameasy plus makes your own violin ‘smart’

Jameasy tells the accuracy of the pitch and the beat like tutor

Jameasy provides all the functions you need for violin practice.


Jameasy motivates violin learners

Provides speed adjustment in BPM units
- Even if you can not read the score, you will easily become accustomed to the song.
- When you practice alone, you can feel the feeling of being together.

- Judge the pitch and beat mistakes to show like a game.
- improves achievement and interest.


See your improvement at a glance

Accurate feedback on performance
- You can see which part of the song is difficult to play.
- You can select only those parts and proceed with the play.

Practice Time Log
- It shows your practice time with a graph.
- you can see how it is progressing until it plays perfectly.


Jameasy provides all the functions you need (for violin practice)

fingering, moving Bowing guide
- If you are not familiar with the score, you can use the finger number on the sheet.
- A Bowing guide lets you know the direction of the bow.

User-friendly tuner
- Jameasy tells the direction of Peg so that even a child can easily tune the violin.

Product Detail
How to use

How to clip the device onto a violin

A scroll of a violin is the recommended place without corrupting the original sound of a violin. To prevent your violin from any physical damage, please remove the device after use.

How to connect the device With a smartphone

Go to device setting screen in the app.When the device list is displayed, Tap ‘connect’ button. The Status LED will softly blink yellow when the device is successfully connected.

How to tune a violin

Bounce or bow the strings of the violin.And rotate the peg to adjust according to the direction of the arrow on the screen.When the tuning is completed, the color of string turns green.By selecting the peg of the string, you can tune one string you want.

Name Jameasy Plus violin
Detection Range B1(41.20 Hz) ‒ B6(1975.54Hz)
Detection Accuracy Better than ± 1cent
Wireless Technology Bluetooth v4.2
Wireless Range Approx. 32’(5m)
Actual range depends on the surrounding environment.
Power Supply CR2032(3V DC) Lithium Battery (non-rechargeable)
Environment Temp. 14℉~122℉(-10℃ ~ 50℃)
Humidity 0 ~ 95%
(W x D x H)
0.87” x 1.73” x 1.57” /
22 x 44 x 40 mm
Weight 0.53 oz / 15g (including batteries)
Battery life Approx. 24hours
(A4 continuous input, Bluetooth connected)

Download Jameasy
on App Store or Google Play

You can download Jameasy application on App Store or Google Play. You will enjoy playing the violin more by purchasing the Jameasy device.