We Make Your Violin
Practice Easy And Fun.

Jameasy want instruments to be for play rather than for training.
Learning always requires repetitive practice.
The technology of Jameasy turns a tedious practice into a fun experience.

Improves a learner's desire to play.

MP3 accompaniment with sync

- Even if you can not read the score, you will easily become accustomed to the song.
- When you practice alone, you can feel the feeling of being together.
- The pitch of the accompaniment does not change
even if the speed is lowered to match my ability.

- Judge the pitch and beat mistakes to show like a game. improves achievement and interest.


- Provides a feeling like playing at a concert.
- Award gold, silver, and bronze according to your score.
- Compete with Jameasy users around the world using ranking function.


- Play a rhythm game and have the guidance of a music teacher.
- Set the section you want and practice it repeatedly.

Provides all the functions

- Even if you can not read the score, you will easily become accustomed to the song.
- Jameasy tells the direction of Peg so that even a child can easily tune the violin.

World First Bluetooth Wireless Tuner+
Makes Practice Fun

Precise analysis of your play regardless of background noise levels.

Noise-roburst Tunning Algorithm

Resistant to ambient noise

Polyphonic Detection Technology

Accurate pitch recognition


Long battery life

30hrs using CR2032

Low latency

Imperceptible delays

Download Jameasy
on App Store or Google Play

You can download Jameasy application on App Store or Google Play. You will enjoy playing the violin more by purchasing the Jameasy device.